Most likely right down the road from your house, we pride ourselves on quick response and top-notch service. When you hire our company you will get to know both owners, Josh & Katja Rapaport, Telluride Mountain Village locals who know more than a thing or two about service.

Josh’s background is in luxury building and green architecture/design, while Katja began her Telluride career with businesses in property management as well as spa services.

You will find one large difference between our company and most other property management companies in the area, our loyal agency to you. We will never charge you a surcharge or percentage fee for the maintenance work on your home. We avoid any conflict of interest and truly become your best representative while we care for your home.

As we all know each home is wonderfully unique (otherwise known as ‘quirky’). We become intimately involved with your home and get to know it like it is our own. By keeping the number of our clients low, we are able to give each client and home the attention they deserve and focus on preventative measures to hinder problems from occurring in the first place. Most of our clients have short but coveted vacation time, and we strive to make that time 100% problem free.